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Charlotte Most Affordable Training Facility

BBT Fitness Pricing

Charlotte Most Affordable Training Facility

BBT Fitness prides itself as one of Charlotte's most affordable training facilities with options for everyone. From the working family to the young professional, BBT has a pricing option that meets budget.

Remember, fitness is an investment and only worth as much as you put in!

Things You Need to Know

National Average of Personal Training $52

Boutique Gyms can range from $130 to $399/ Month

Discount Gyms on average cost $10 to $50. 

BBT Tier 1 Programs

Tier 1 Programs are designed to give individuals the greatest flexibility to train with BBT Fitness without the commitment to longterm programs. These programs include drop in classes 

BBT Seminars

Ready to learn? BBT Seminars are the easiest way to learn fitness the right way!  Led by our dynamic coaches, BB

Starting at $25 per Seminar

BBT Weekends

Looking for a fun easy way to train? Join BBT Weekends program and experience Charlotte's best kept secret.

$15 Drop Ins
$75 - $99 /Monthly Memberships

BBT Programing

Need a training program designed to help you reach your fitness goals? Let us build your training program that will transform your body! 

Starting at $125 per program

BBT Challenges

Ready for fun, easy workouts that can challenge you from the comfort of your own gym? Join BBT Challenges take your fitness to the next level!

BBT Challenges start every 1st of the month!
$75 Per Challenge

BBT Tier 2 Programs

BBT Tier 2 programs or BBT Lifestyle Programs are designed to help individuals who are serious about achieving there longterm fitness goals. These programs are designed by 4,8,12,18 month programs. Month to Month options are offered.

BBT Bootcamp

Our BBT Bootcamp was made with two thoughts in mind: affordability and effectiveness. Join Charlotte's littest 

bootcamp in the city! 

Click below to learn more about BBT Fitcamp. 

$99 to $175/Month Memberships



Are you finally serious about getting fit and want to take your fitness game to the next level?  If so, BBT Fit Camp is right for you. Click below to learn more about BBT Fitcamp. 

$150 to $250/MonthMemberships

BBT High Performance Training

BBT High Performance Program is our top tier training program designed to help clients produce effective, long lasting results and 

change. Click below to learn more about BBT Fitcamp. 

$250 to $975/MonthMemberships

BBT Online Training

BBT Online Training brings BBT Fitness to your doorstep. With our downloadable app combined with 

interactive exercise videos and workout tracking, we make it easy to achieve your results. 

$125 to $499/MonthMemberships

Program Breakdown 

We know that simplicity is key! That is why we've made it easier to see what you get with BBT Fitness.

Stop Waiting!  

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There is no better time to prioritize your boyd and health. Don't wait, train BBT!


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