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Professional Training by Professional Coaches

Looking for an affordable way to stay in shape? Look no further than BBT Weekends ! BBT Weekends are designed to be fun and effective way to train your body differently. With good music, live Djs and random Swag surfs, you never know what to expect on BBT Saturdays!

What is BBT Weekends

BBT Weekend training is BBT Fitness drop In based training program. For members and general public alike, BBT Fitness is 

BBT Classes Prices

$15 Online or $20 @ Door

$50 BBT Weekend Membership

Classes Style

  • Dance Fitness

  • Large Group Bootcamp

  • Mobility Classes

  • Yoga Class

  • Strength Training

  • Workshops and more

BBT Training Environment

  • Small-Group Training Style or Individually paced, You choose!

  • High Energy, Motivating

  • Professional Coaching Staff

  • Welcoming Atmosphere for all age groups and fitness levels

  • 45 - 75 minutes Training Sessions

  • Train with your BBT Family 

Drop In Training For Your Convenience

Friday Class Schedule

Saturday Class Schedule

Sunday Class Schedule

BBT Weekend Pricing

BBT Option 1: $75
BBT Option 1: $99

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