BBT Training 

Facilities  Polices

At BBT we want our clients to have a safe and effective workout, to make sure we deliver that we have gym etiquette that is expected for our clients to follow.

BBT General Polices

BBT General Polices

Enter & Exit through the front door only.

Do not use the garage or back doors to access the gym.


Gym sneakers should not be worn outside.

Please bring your gym shoes separately and change into them in the lobby or locker room.


Plan accordingly to arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled class time and be ready for the start of your training session .

Entering the gym after the trainers have demonstrated the workout poses serious safety risks and is not condoned. If you are unable to get to the gym for your scheduled class time, please plan to attend a different class time that day or the next day, when you are able to arrive on time for demonstration.


Children are not allowed on the training floor.

For safety reasons, all children must remain in the lobby area and self-occupied. Additionally, please clean up after your children before you leave the gym. BBT Fitness is not responsible for any children during training sessions. 



Please do not park in spots with marked signs for other businesses, in front of other buildings, or double park. 


BBT Friend Policy

BBT Allows members to bring a friend for 1 free visit. This visit must be scheduled and confirmed with staff as well sign all waivers and referrals forms. The Guest will be taken through the day by the BBT Member under the coaches supervision. 

BBT Training Floor Polices

Carry In, Carry Out!

Please be sure to remove all belongings from the gym and locker room after your scheduled class.


Be Respectful

Please be respectful to all BBT Team members so we can ensure you have the best experience every single day! 


Clean Your Station

Please remember to clean your training station at the completion of your session so your teammates can come in ready to rock.


Communicate with Your Coach

Communication is key with BBT! We understand that everyday is different and we can not always ready minds! Whether you had an amazing day and want to be pushed during training or you're just trying to get in and get out after a long day, detail 


Absolutely No Negative Talk

BBT Fitness is a positive space for others and more importantly, yourself! Please refrain from speaking negatively while at BBT Fitness. You CAN do anything you set your mind too!  

Keep jewelry Off the Floor


Always Try

Don’t be embarrassed or afraid of trying; every journey has started somewhere. You can always modify but remember, you're here to push outside your boundaries.


Refrain from Talking/Texting on Your Phone-

When you come to BBT Fitness, our goal as coaches is to give you a quality coaching experience. We ask that we don't try to compete  with your phone.


Be Coachable

When you When you come to BBT, you are coming to work on you. Leave the attitude at the door and show up ready to be coached! 


Spot Your BBT Teammates

Part of being apart of BBT Fitness is being in an environment of support and learning . 


Embody Pride-less Training

Whether you're lifting a 10 lbs or , 


Support Your BBT Teammates

Part of being apart of BBT Fitness is being in an environment of support and learning. Whether Inside or outside the gym, support your BBT Teammates!  


BBT Coaches

The BBT Coaching Staff is comprised of hardworking individuals who make it their duty to ensure you are reaching your fitness goals. 

BBT Office Staff Polices

Official Communication Only!

While we love talking and sharing experiences with you all at Body by T Fitness, please only use official communication forums for all business communication. Official Communications forums are  ( or Jot Forms). Please DO NOT text/call trainers or staff members regarding business with your gym account. 



BBT Fitness believes in helping our members. However, we can only do so through


15/30 Day Notices

BBT Fitness requires 15 day notices for all  


We're Human!

While we strive to be superheroes for you,  we are human too! If there is ever a mistake, please contact us immediately so we can fix it! The Offical contact for BBT Fitness is


Be Respectful

Please be respectful to all BBT Team members so we can ensure you have the best experience every single day! 


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