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BBT Nutrition Training

Nutrition is the key to making the body go!  Without solid nutrition, you can't be successful in your fitness goal. Our focus on nutrition comes from a behavioral standpoint while aiming for long term success. We understand that without solid nutrition training and strategies, you can not reach your fitness goals. 

Our Approach

BBT Nutrition program focuses on building long-term success. By partnering with some of the best Dietitians and Nutritionists in the world, BBT Fitness has the ability to reach our members on their nutrition level. By incorporating change behavior techniques as well as nutrition education, our members have the ability to reach their fitness goals now and keep long after they leave BBT Fitness.

BBT Nutrition Results

Life is about Results... That's why we produce!

Frequently asked questions

How does BBT Nutrition help me?

BBT Nutrition is designed to help members make behavioral changes to their nutrition lifestyle. Our programs focus on allowing our member to keep their current nutrition habits while making small changes to their behavior around nutrition choices. Disclaimer: Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them before beginning. We are NOT doctors, nutritionists or registered dietitians. We do not claim to help cure any condition or disease. We do not provide medical aid or nutrition advise for the purpose of health or disease nor do we claim to be doctors or dietitians.

Is there a commitment with BBT Nutriton Training?

No! There is no commitment to BBT Nutrition Training. All programs can be cancelled with 15 Days notice through a only Jot Form or email!

How often are client assessments ?

Client assessments are made once a month during the first week of the month. Clients progress pictures are taken as well Body fat and body measurements are completed by the BBT Staff upon request. Clients may choose to opt out of any BBT Client assessment.

Does BBT Nutrition Training really work?

BBT Nutrition Training is highly effective for anyone looking to make long term changes. Our Nutrition program are not short term, fast fat loss programs

Can I switch to another nutrition program?

Yes, BBT Nutrition Members may switch programs at any time. All program changes are effective 15 days from program submission date.


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