BBT High Performance Accountability 

BBT High-Performance Training is designed for individuals looking to pair high-quality training + Accountability coaching!  top tier program for those looking for the ultimate training program

BBT High-Performance Program

Our top training program for those looking for top-notch training!

Why BBT HPT Program

Small-Group + Nutrition Training + Lifestyle Coaching

BBT High-Performance Training is designed to get the most out of you. And while we understand everyone may have different starting points, we know that for Individuals in HPT will experience long term results.

Our top training program for those looking for top-notch training!

The BBT Secret Sauce: Metabolic Training

Metabolic training is designed to burn the maximum amount of fat utilizing High-Intensity Interval Training and Strength Training. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve fat loss through little periods between exercises in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.

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Inside BBT High Performance

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about BBT Fitcamp

Our Methods 

The BBT High-Performance Method


Your personal performance coach is there to help you reach your personalized goals with a personalized plan. BBT Coaches help create lifestyle straggles  consistent with your everyday life as well assist you in setting realistic goals


BBT Fitness has teamed together with Precision Nutrition to offer world-class nutrition training. Precision Nutrition helps clients a deep understanding of nutrition while building lifelong nutrition straggles, Precision nutrition approaches nutrition from a behavior standpoint  


High-Performance members receive advanced nutrition training with our knowledgable BBT Staff. From nutrition seminars to BBT Strategy Handouts, we provide High performance with nutrition education that transfer directly to their results. 

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BBT High Performance


Life is about Results... That's why we produce!

BBT Bootcamp Pricing

Step 2: Get Started 

$250 - $975/Monthly

Frequently asked questions

What is High Performance Training?

BBT High Peformance Trainigng is our High level Accoutnability Program designed to ensure you get results. With a combination of precision nutrtion training, high touch accoutnability and

Who is High performance Training For?

BBT Fitcamp Athletes can expect to be challenged everyday by a trained, professional coaching staff. BBT Fitcamp is designed to be our athletes training home as they reach their fitness goals.

Do you do any assessment in BBT High Performance Training

Client assessments are made once a month on the first of the month. BBT Check Ins consist of clients progress pictures, an online check-In with the option of completing body fat and body measurements which can be completed by BBT Staff upon request. Clients may choose to opt out of any BBT Client assessment.

How fast can I see results on Fitcamp?

BBT FitCamp is designed to move at clients pace for their program. While each client will progress differently and results may differ, BBT Fitcamp is excellent choice for those looking for consistent results, guided training and a positive environment to grow in during their fitness journey.

How many Session can I come to with BBT Hugh Performance Training?

In the event that your not able to make a BBT Bootcamp, all programs are available on the Body by T Fitness apps with videos explanations of individual exercises. You may also communicate with your coach through our app for any other additional instructions .

Can I switch to another program if I don't like

Yes, BBT members may switch programs at any time by talking to the Office manager at any time.

Is BBT High Performance like 1-1 Training

In a way, yes! BBT Fitcamp allows our clients to focus on their goals as well move at their own pace under the watchful eye of a professional coach while keeping an affordable cost. The only difference is that our members work in training sessions with others! One thing to note is that many of our BBT Fitcamp members come in looking at our 1-1 personal training sessions and choose BBT Fitcamp. BBT Fitness does offer 1-1 personal training packages!

How long should I Saty in BBT High Performance Training?

No, BBT Fitcamp training style is not similar to crossfit style programing. BBT Fitcamp training style is open style training under the watchful eye of our strength and conditioning coaches. Our programs offer a wide variety of training programs and can be scaled (made harder) or regressed (made easier) for individual needs.


We Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals