BBT Training Facility Rules

To ensure safety through the training facility, BBT Fitness ask all BBT Members to follow facility safety guidelines


All persons must adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines while on the BBT Fitness premises.

Any Individual who enters the training floor must sign a liability waiver. Under no circumstances may an individual use BBT Fitness Training Facility without an active Liability waiver. 


  • Permitted Types of Practice / Play ONLY – Be Safe

  • Only Molded Plastic/Rubber Field Cleats or Short Plastic Cleats (All footwear subject to Inspection and Approval by BBT Staff)

  • Only Water is allowed on the Field



  • No METAL Cleats or Long Turf Cleats (3/4’’ or more even if plastic)

  • No Spitting or Nose Clearing

  • No Food of ANY kind on the Training Turf

  • No Gum, Seeds, Peanuts, Candy

  • No Gatorade, sports drinks, sodas,  juices or other beverages on the training floor

  • No Tobacco Products of Any Kind (anywhere in BBT)

  • No Chairs, Sharp Objects, or High Heeled Shoes

  • No Jewelry and No Belts/Clothing with Sharp Edges

  • No Pets or Animals



For Safety:

  •  All teens, and adolescents must be supervised by BBT Fitness Staff 

  • Obtain a medical exam before beginning any exercise program

  • Before use, understand proper lifting and exercise techniques and obtain instruction regarding any lift, exercise, or use of a weight machine - follow all instructions

  • Read and obey warning labels on weight machines

  • Use spotters for free weight exercises

  • No cleats or jewelry allowed -- proper footwear and exercise attire required

  • Return weights to racks and storage areas after use - do not leave on floors

  • No running or horseplay

  • BBT Fitness staff only operate the garage door

  • If you feel faint, sick, or injured - stop the exercise and ask for assistance

  • If you have any questions or uncertainty ask the staff for help

  • BBT Fitness staff controls music choice and/or suitability and thermostats

  • Do not take weight plates, bars, dumbbells, or other equipment off of the training floor. 


For Cleanliness:

  • Wipe down surfaces after use to remove perspiration and chalk

  • Avoid dropping excess chalk on floors and surfaces

  • No food, drinks, gum, candy, seeds or tobacco products on the training floor.