BBT Covid-19 Strategy: Our Plan Going Forward

When life gives you lemons... We make a Lemonade Factory!

A Letter From BBT Founder and Training Director

Dear BBT Fitness Members,

Over the past 4 years BBT Fitness has thrived through multiple challenges,  and obstacles in building our business ——but we have never seen anything like this. Who could have imagined when we were celebrating the 2020 Year that a pandemic would be threatening the health of our loved ones and our livelihoods? Yet, this is precisely what we are facing today.


Even though these trying times- we are so proud to see a surge in creativity and care in our communities all across the globe. Most of all we are proud of our BBT Family.  We see your perseverance through these hard times and know that as a community but moreover as a family, that we will come out of these crazy circumstances stronger than ever.  


BBT is committed to remaining the leading Strength and Conditioning Facility in the Industry to ensure our members now and years down the road can continue to have a home to reach their lifestyle and fitness goals. It’s important to remember that BBT Fitness like many other small businesses- is facing unprecedented challenges during this unexpected pandemic.  I am proud to say that BBT Fitness has made a commitment to retain our staff during these tough times.  By your continued support of BBT and utilizing our At Home Programs.  You ensure that you will continue to have the best coaching and staff in the fitness industry! Note: BBT Fitness asks that we remember while we are all going through a lot in these current times; some of our community members are facing extreme hardships.  At this time, BBT Fitness is only offering suspensions for members who have lost their jobs or are experiencing extreme financial distress due to the COVid-19 Crisis

The fact remains that although we don’t know how long this will last, we must remember the upside: 

  • BBT Fitness will continue to provide you Service! 

    • Training Doesn't Stop! BBT Fitness is not just a gym. It's a training program and a way of life.  When our members join BBT Fitness, You are joining a program that is designed to help you reach your goals, whether you are in the gym, on the road.

  • BBT Fitness is a Hybrid Training Facility- Although BBT Fitness is a private training facility, we are much better as a hybrid training facility.  To this date, all of our members receive training through a mobile app on their cellular device.  

  • BBT Has Increased Our Online Training Capabilities

    • We now offer a BBT at Home Bootcamp! It’s important that you continue to stay active and healthy while at home.  

    • Zoom! Bootcamps- where you can interact in a live class with your coaches and other members.

    • Daily Accountability Calls   

  • We All Must Adapt & Move forward!

    • Time Doesn't Stop! While we understand the ever-evolving complexity of the ​Covid-19 Virus.  We cannot stop the investment in ourselves.  

  • We have added more value to our member’s program- BBT Fitness will be hosting live online training classes so you can stay engaged with your coaches from the comfort of your home.  

  • Member perks- You have access to professional coaching and nutrition training in real-time daily.  While that social media push-up challenge is fun, you're gonna need more than that and we’ve got you covered!

  • BBT Made the Commitment to Retain Our Staff

    • As a small business, because of the outpour of support and understanding from our members, we are able to keep all of our staff members employed throughout this time.  We are extremely grateful and will continue to give you the best programs!

Message from the BBT Coaching Staff

What We're Doing For Our Members: Our Service Plan! 

We're Not Stopping!

Operation BBT Quarantine​:

Our Plan Going Forward!

Right now, more than ever, we understand that our members and the Charlotte community are looking for direction in these uncertain times. BBT Fitness has taken the initiative to design a plan going forward in the aspects that we can control. Aiding in leadership to both our members and the greater Charlotte area as we navigate these tough times.  Here's our plan! 


BBT Phase 1: Get through this Crisis- (If you stop, you have to start again... Yikes!)

While no one knows how long this crisis will last, we do know one thing, time won't stop. That's why it is important for us to build a contingency plan for our members to get through the crisis. Here's Phase 1 of our plan! 

  • Keep Training! While this may sound trivial, this is actually the most important part! We highly encourage our members to continue to keep training at home! This will be key during this time to ensure we keep our progress! 

  • Follow Our Nutrition Guidelines!- We have mapped out specific nutrition guidelines for our members to follow throughout this time.  

  • Join Our BBT Accountability Calls!- We know what you're going through, sitting in the house, watching Netflix! While a lack of motivation is maybe a common feeling right now, it's not an excuse! That's why BBT Fitness will be hosting BBT Accountability calls 2x a week to ensure that you are motivated! 

  • Join our Virtual Bootcamps!- Yes, we know, What in the world is a Virtual Bootcamp? Through BBT Fitness partnership with Zoom, BBT has designed a way to continue our Bootcamp classes that you know and love.  

  • Support Local Small Business- While BBT Fitness is in the fight with many other small businesses wading through these troubling times, we want to encourage you to support as many small businesses as possible during this time. 

  • Check on your Friends fitness journey- Let's face it... when this ends, many of you will aim to have one of the hottest "Hot Girl Summer's Yet (Guys Even You Too!) Make sure your entire squad is ready! Refer a friend, to BBT's At-Home Training Program and get 50% off your first month! 

BBT Phase 2: Back to Normal-(Helping our members transition back to the gym)  

BBT Phase 2: The Rebound- (Helping our members transition back to normal & back to the gym)  

BBT Reactivation- Our coaching staff has already been working to redesign our training program to help our members get back in the swing of things.


BBT Reset Meeting-  BBT Fitness will be offering all Members a free Goal Setting Meeting with the BBT Coaching Staff to help you reset your goals!


BBT Cash Back Opportunities- We understand that some of our members may be looking for ways to make extra money! For every person, you refer and that joins our program -we will reward you with cash incentives.  


BBT Cookout- When the all-clear is given, BBT Fitness will be rewarding our battle harden members with a free community cookout to say thank you! We truly appreciate all of our members who have been so understanding and rocking with us through uncharted territory!


BBT Phase 3: Comeback-(Hold on, wait a minute, yall thought we were finished... Meek Mill anyone?)

BBT Phase 3: Comeback-(Hold on, wait a minute, yall thought we were finished... Meek Mill anyone?)

Offering Jumpstart Programs to the community

  • Opening BBT Weekends to assist with the influx of new members at BBT Fitness

New BBT Weekends!!

  • One of the new things we at BBT FItness had been working on was expanding on our weekend training cycle! BBT Fitness

  • We will be giving all of our a Members a FREE lifetime membership to our BBT Weekends. This will apply to all of our members  

BBT Phase 3: Rebound

BBT Fitness will Develop is taking the time 

We truly appreciate all of our members who have been so understanding of 


What We're Doing For Our Members: Our Service Plan! 

The Training Doesn't stop! 

BBT Zoom


  • We know that BBT Bootcamps in our facility can be one of the highlights of our gym community day. That is why we have created a virtual way to still remain active and engaged with other community members! 

BBT Accountability Calls 

  • Offering Free Accountability Calls

    • BBT Fitness has now invested in online training options. 

    • Schedule an accountability call with one of our coaches.  During your call, we will create an action plan on how you can still achieve your goals!

Rewarding our members:

  • BBT Cash Back Opportunities- We understand that some of our members may be looking for ways to make extra money! For every person, you refer and that joins our program -we will reward you with cash incentives.

At Home Training Programs

  • At Home Weight loss and Aesthetic Training 

  • Choose a program with weight or lightweight 

  • Partnership with Carolina fitness- Get 10% your purchase when you mention BBT Fitness. 

BBT Hybrid Training: By Program

Now BBT Fitness and other small buisness

BBT Zoom 


Join Our Midday Bootcamp with Coach Bril and Coach T! See our BBT Zoom Bootcamp Schedule Below!
Monday - Thursday
12 PM
6 PM
6 PM 
BBT 12PM Bootcamp
(Monday- Thursday)
Meeting ID: 839-829-824
BBT 6PM Bootcamp
(Monday- Thursday)
Meeting ID: 270-437-879
Friday Funday @6PM
Meeting ID: 676-756-103
Saturday Bootcamp @12PM
Meeting ID: 263-280-692

BBT CoVid-19 Training Resources

Now BBT Fitness and other small buisness

BBT Fitness: Frequently Asked Quesitons

We know that you may have numerous questions... That is why we created this easy to find resource during troubling times.

BBT Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

I am worried I may lose progress without weights, what can I do?

Currently we offer two at home programs. You have the option to choose a workout program without weight or with light weight. We also have a partnership with Carolina Fitness where you will recieve 10% of your purchase when using the name "Body By T Fitness"

I don’t online training, it’s a lot more boring versus training in the gym.

Now more then ever we are all being forced to be creative and get out of our comfort zone. We encourage all of our members to stay positive and remember the goals that they have.

What will change about our training program change?

  • We are excited to announce that our programs are now offered on a digital platform for our members to utilize from the comfort of their own homes. You will have the option of two online programs- weight loss and asthetic training.
  • Accountablitity calls with our coaching staff
  • Live interactive Bootcamps!

How does this affect my training program?

BBT Fitness is working day & Night to build our training program and options. While many of you received our training programs and

I want to train more aggressively at home, what affordable pieces of home equipment can I buy and where can I purchase them?

We are happy to announce a partnership with Carolina Fitness. If you purchase any sorenets equipment you will receive 10% off. Equipment can be purchased online and picked up at their Charlotte location.

My friend wanted to sign up with the gym but she doesn’t want to do online training?

Please email to have your questions and concerns answered.

I don’t know what I should eat right now, the grocery store is always out of the things I normally eat?

I don’t know what I should eat right now, the grocery store is always out of the things I normally eat? We want you to take this one step at a time. Unfortunately with panic buying many people are finding it hard to get essentials they usually have access too. At this point in time we ask that you eat what you have access too in moderation. Continue to utilize you at home program to maintain your weight and find activities to keep your brain stimulated so you don’t find yourself snacking out of boredom

Do you guys offer open gym hours so that i can still come in and train without coaching?

Please Email to learn more about our policies and procedures regarding this matter.

I’m worried that these workouts aren’t intense enough? What else can i do?

The BBT Coaching Staff has worked day and night to produce a high quality well designed training program. We have tested the program to ensure that it is up to the BBT Standard of training! However, if you would like a more challenging program, please email us so that we may accomedate you!

Are BBT Staff still working during this time?

Yes, due to the outpooring of support from our members, BBT Fitness has been able to retian our entire coaching staff and office staff! We are taking this time to continue working for our members delivering online training & Coaching, develop stronger conections to our members and continuing staff development to become better for our members. In short, we are preparing for the BBT Comeback!

What will change about our training program?

Nothing! While we may not run training session in our facility, BBT Fitness will still be providing Training programs, Training Gudiance, BBT Training homework, Nutrition Programs and Guides and more to continue providing value to our members! In short, BBT Fitness is committed to providing value to our members throughout the CoVid-19

BBT Covid-19 FAQ's: Billing


Will memberships contiune normal billing cycle during the temporary shut down?

As a small business we are grateful for the continued support from our BBT members during this time. We have created all of are programs to be on a digital platform, so that even though you can come to our gym home, you never skip a beat in your training! At this time all of our members will still be autodrafted on their regular cycle. If you are experiencing an extenuating circumstance and need additional assitance please email-

Is BBT Fitness working with Members?

Yes! We understand this Covid-19 for many of our members. BBT’s office staff is working tirelessly to address all of our members' issues due to the recent events. Kindly reach out to Email, and we will respond within 24 hours on how we can help you in this situation.

Is BBT Fitness Closed?

No! While our training facility may be Temporarily closed, BBT Fitness has continued all operations including at Home workouts for all of our members, Nutrition training programs and live BBT Zoom Bootcamps! Our staff is workly tiressly to continue helping our members reach their fitness goals!